5 UK Bands Play Our Maldives Festival


Jar Music Live Takes 5 UK Bands To Maldives Festival

With traditional music markets becoming evermore clustered and harder for new acts to break through. Jar Music Live took the decision to look into organising a festival in Asia. The Annual IFPI (The music industry financial review body) said “Asia is steadily consuming more western music at an incredible rate.” Most major record labels and  festival producers have been establishing their commercial presences and marketing their main Artist, such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Coldplay,  to this continent.

Of course, we’re at an early stage, but producing these music festivals and creating new audiences will become a vital income stream for UK bands.  The UK bands, from when they touched down,  were  made to instantly feel like a “big” band. Pressure yes, but the right one. Fans came out in there droves and both our team and the bands were caught by surprise when all merchandise and cd’s sold out in the first couple of hours.
The Festival was not the easiest to organise,  imagine building a festival site on an island and have to rely on ships, speed boats all the while staying respectful to the local customs and traditions. Arranging flights accommodation and transfers from the islands, was not easy, yet we did it and this video are some of the highlights from the festival in the Maldives.

Special Thanks To: Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed, Coca Cola, Qatar Airways, Wataniya Media Communications, FLPT, Prodg (Our office in Malaysia), Bandos & Fihalhoi Resorts, Yamaha Asia.

UK Bands featured: Lecarla, Endeavours, Steranko, Tashya’s Ink