Leogun Reaches The Promise Land

There are very few moments in this business that make you stand up and be proud. Today is one of those days for Jar Live staff and i’m sure Fairbanks Endorsement. Now we may not get mentioned or we may not be credited with many successes, because we understand our role which is not one to try to be everythign to emerging artist, but to find the right avenue for that band to progress. Leogun (Mad Dog), are known to Jar since Tommy (lead Singer) was 16. We must have seen something in the band because we booked them to perform at the 2000 capacity iconic London Astoria.
This video is a credit, first off, to the bands hard work and belief, but also Jar’s team to have the fortitude
Some People That we must thank:
Dom Fairbanks – The instigator and collaborator on this project
Antonio Robinson – The real force behind the push for this band/A&R at British Grove
Karolina Gabrielle – Jar’s Artist Relation for the organisation and press contact at the show.
Jamie (Rocket Management)  – For attending the O2 Academy Islington showcase
Dave (British Grove Studio) For recording the band and all the help at the studio.