Presenting Ph-Arm
PH-ARM is a London based rock band made up of a singer [Renz Byrne], bassist [Press I.M.], drummer [Ricky Eagle] and DJ [Alex Von Martin].The group were initially founded in 2010 with a very eclectic style influenced by genres such as electronic, drum & bass, dubstep and breakbeat.The band began performing live in various clubs and venues in Rome rapidly building up a strong and diverse fanbase also playing alongside international artists such as Pendulum, Logistics and Anthony RotherAt the start of 2013, PH-ARM moved to London, England where they began working in a recording studio producing tracks for an independent label.
As it becomes harder to stand out and have an original sound, the group have started over and found their identity; writing and producing songs taking influence from all manner of genres, including the unrelenting in-your-face hard rock of first single ‘FASTER’ to the haunting electro tones of future single ‘GHOST’ the band are ready to make their mark with their debut album ‘152’ set to be released in 2017
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Line- up
Singer – Renz Byrne
Bassist – Press I.M.
Drummer – Ricky Eagle
DJ – Alex Von Martin