Music Mentor

The “Music Mentor” assist U-Artist with important industry insider advice. The page will give in-dept information on the current music market, active labels, interviews with A&R’s and CEO’s of the majors and a host of topics covering publishing, licensing, sponsorship, endorsement and how to make money from your music. 

Music Mentor

Interview with Bob Jamieson (CEO BMG & RCA Records)

Interview With Bob Jamieson ( CEO BMG/RCA Records) We caught up with Bob Jamieson, former CEO of BMG and RCA Records,  and asked him what...

What Is publishing?

Print, synchronization, mechanical and performance For band or singer writing their own songs, publishing is where a lot of the money is in the music...

The Responsibilities Of An A&R

If you are an Artist you have probably dreamed about getting signed to a major recording contract, but the sad truth is that few...