Maldives BreakOut Festival – The Build Begins


Breaking New Territories

After the 9 hour flight on the world’s best Airline Qatar, Jar Live team arrived in the Maldives to stage the first Breakout festival.

We counted over 60 documents, licenses and legal permits have been signed and now we can get on with the development of this new venture.
The team arrived 2 months early to finalise the build and production and get everything ready for the arrival of the UK and Malaysian bands. They will be overwhelmed by the pure size of the stage that is comparable, if not bigger, to many of major festival back in the UK.

Located in the centre of Male it is perched above the indian ocean where occasionally you can see passing dolphins. A truly breath-taking location and certainly one of the most enjoyable places to work and hold a festival.
We hope to do the site justice and make sure that the first ever UK band to perform on the Island are remembered for years to come.

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