About Us

Jar Music Live is an award-winning independent music company promoting music festivals, live gigs and Artists.

Jar Music Live works closely with independent and major record labels to bring new talent to new audiences and help grow their music into a commercial asset.

We are proud that our live gigs are recognised for their success in bringing new acts to the marketplace.

We produced and promoted music festivals in the UK, Asia and Europe and operated iconic venues across the world.

Artist we’ve worked with achieved Top #20 hits, Top #10 downloads and performances on late night and daytime TV. Sold–out tours and major record label signings, performance at MTV World Stage and features on iTunes. Heavy rotation on local and national radio and covers of major music magazines.

Our team is infused with a mixture of young and dynamic energy managed by award-winning executives. We share over 75 years of experience at the top echelon of both recorded and live music and in the entertainment industry.

Jar Music Live strive to cultivate the highest possible level of achievement and carefully prepares each Artist to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities in the music and entertainment industry.