Juwenalia – The World’s Best Student Festival!

Jar Live representatives met with the director of Student Union, PS bank and Eska Radio, Wyborcza Gazette in Poland to discuss opportunities for UK artists to perform at Juwenalia 2012/13/14 – The World’s Best Students Festival!

Juwenalia is an annual students’ festival that celebrate the youth, student spirit and the solid relationship between university and the city! It happens every second week of May with lots of concerts, events, huge barbecues, parties and a colored students parade in 32 cities in Poland.

Not only the most famous Polish and International bands but also young talented artists appear on stage.

We are proud to announce that two of Jar Live’s bands were booked to play at this year’s Juwenalia, Paul Lisak & After The Ice and The Washing Machine.

Paul Lisak & After The Ice, a UK band, after their main support slot at last year’s Juwenalia in Rzeszow performing to over 30K people, were invited to headline this year’s festival in Jaroslaw and penciled to play in Warsaw 2012. We are very thrilled for their success.

The Washing Machine on the other hand is a band healing from Poland and these festivals are no stranger to them. In the past years the band had performed at Juwenalia in Warsaw and Lodz and 2011 brought them a slot at the biggest Juwenalia Festival in Cracow, famous for its enormous student population. The band toured UK with Jar Live in October, which included O2 Academy venues and The Cavern Club Liverpool.

This is not the end though, Jar Live is proud to announce that from next year our live events across the UK, will be a scouting platform to find bands to perform at Juwenalia Festival.

“These festivals have been very different from our UK gigs, not only performing to a large students crowd, we also got paid and although we produced in excess of 2000 merchendise items including the latest copies of our album Commence & T-shirts, they were sold out on the morning of the festival. Again we would like to thank Jar Live, Students Union in Rzeszow, Radio Eska and our sponsors for all your support for the last 3 years. This is a great opportunity for UK bands to build their European profile and on the financial level get the needed money to sustain a professional career” said Karolina Gabrielle (Jar Live Senior Events Manager)