Presenting..Just Like Fruits

Just Like Fruit are a Blues/Rock & roll band formed in Brighton. Their fresh take on rock & roll music and incorporation of multiple genres such as, blues, rock & roll, soul and original R&B music creates a sound which is original, innovative and unique.

A bit of background info of the Band. Kieran (rhythm guitar/songwriter), Ryan (Bass) and Erwin (drums) all went to the same college and were all in a band together before Just Like Fruit a couple years ago called Monksey. Dion (lead vocals/songwriter) and Taran (lead guitar) went to a different college and formed a band there. We were all knew each other before we formed Just Like Fruit. But when me(Taran) and Dion moved in with Kieran 2 years ago and when Monksey broke up, it was inevitable that we were going to form some kind of group.

They recently released our debut EP titled ‘On The Door’ and our first music video called ‘Funfair’. The most prestigious gigs that we’ve done include playing at The Spice Of Life in Soho, The Great Escape in Brighton, Peoples festival, Foodies festival, Small World Solar Stage in Kent, Prince Albert, Latest Music Bar, The Green Door Store, and more recently Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Shoreditch, Cargo, Proud Camden and Sofar Sounds in London. We have also had a short tour around Europe.

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Kieran Matthews – Rhythm Guitar
Dion Mason-Poole – Vocals
Ryan Melbourne-Hurley – Bass Guitar
Erwin Lotasz – Drums
Taran Pring – Lead Guitar