Presenting.. Jo Jordan
Jo Jordan started his career within music when he was 15 in high school with a few friends, this was when he realised that he had potential so he started developing his craft by undergoing vocal lessons, piano lessons  and dance classes whilst also studying two music courses in college. Jo Jordan performed at numerous events to this date which have included performing in high end venues and events such as the House of Parliament, Live at The Bedford, Christmas Lights at Marylebone, Geraldo Jewellery London, Ministry of Sound and most recently a school tour around the UK.
Now at the age of 22 Jo has been working hard alongside many talented musicians and producers piecing together some very exciting material. Having recently released his first ever 5 track EP , consisting of RnB/soul with a touch of the new school – element in terms of the production – however it also has that ‘old school’ feel and variation. The project is very captivating for the audience both musically and visually and each song leads to the next. 
Jo Jordan recently formed his band and has been performing ever since and has new material planned to be released in the early 2017.