To celebrate the release of the Nuendo Live recording software. Steinberg joins forces with JMG in a partnership to bring live music to the consumer.

Constantly striving to develop new avenues to assist musicians in capturing and recreating the live recording experience, “Nuendo”, Steinberg’s innovative music software, will offer fans a new concert experience through an exclusive collaboration with Jar Live and Rein Recordings. After a test run involving recording and remixing a show at the 02 Academy, The partnership is expanding their program to include a full-scale worldwide tour to provide bands with this unique opportunity for self development and achieving the . Tour promises to provide music fans with an original new way to enjoy live music.

“We are thrilled to be working with Jar Live to present Instantly Live recordings said Mick Hughes, Marketing Executive of Steinberg UK. Jar’s shows and exceptional acts are perfect for Live recording. The bands distinctive sound, set list variation, improvisation will ensure unique Instant Live recordings every night. We will be breaking new ground; presenting offering bands produced contemporaneous high quality recordings of the show that fans can enjoy and the bands can promote their music through.

Nuendo was chosen as the DAW for the task in hand due to it’s rock-solid reliability, it’s highly flexible Control Room functionality – which, in this case, will be used to supply on-stage monitor mixes – and, of course, it’s incredible audio quality. All signals from the live-stage will be routed into Nuendo using 3x MR816CSX interfaces. Again chosen for their sound quality, the MR816’s will be used in a configuration to allow the monitor signals to have compression and eq applied using the interface’s powerful DSP. This incredibly versatile Nuendo setup will allow the festival’s engineers to ensure that the on-stage monitor mix sounds exactly as the musicians require whilst ensuring that a clean audio signal is recorded to disk for application of effects and eq later in the mixing process.

In order to further ensure reliability and to enable engineers to safely back-up and exchange files, the festival engineers will be hosting the Nuendo system on a Rain Recording PC running windows XP complete with removable drive caddies. Further information and specifications of the Rain Recording machines can be found here..