Jar Music Live, Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studio and Steinberg in Production Collaboration.

JMG (parent of Jar Music Live) have secured a recording collaboration with Mark Knopfer’s British Grove recording studio in West London, which last year was the winner of the Music Producers Guild Award for ‘Best Studio’.
The joint venture will be a vital resource for helping to develop the music catalogue for emerging Artist performing at our events.
Live performances, will be captured on a 24 multi-track state of the art Digi-design D-Show digital desk hooked into a Protools audio production system. This provides a superb optimized system enabling us to record the bands and provide a hi-end multi-track live recording of their set to be then mix at the British Grove Studio.

These recordings, in the first instance, will provide the Artist with a professional live recording of their performance. The top-notch 24-track audio recorded files will be available to the bands who can mix them at a later date and provide their fans with a “Live at …” to sell or use to promote the bands to festival and booking agencies.

“We will be breaking new ground; offering bands produced contemporaneous high quality recordings of the show that fans can enjoy and the bands can promote their music. With the company currently working closely with Warner Music on other projects, these recordings will give us the tools to represent any Artist who may have not yet had the finances to do a studio recording” – said Mr. John Bailey A&R for Jar Music Live “.

The British Grove Studio was built by Mark Knopfler as “a monument to past and future technology”. It has two state of the art studios in their individual rights. Alongside modern technology, the equipment includes two old EMI consoles: one of the only tube desk from the 1960’s like the ones used by The Beatles and a later console on which the album “Band on the Run” was recorded.

The large console in studio one is a custom-made Neve 88R, while the console in studio two is an API Legacy. The main speakers are ATC monitors in a 5.1 configuration. Specifically, the full-range models are ATC SCM 300ASL (300A) mounted in standard left-center-right configuration, with two more 300As on a unique track system for surround. Dual ATC SCM0.1/15ASL PRO (Sub 1/15) subwoofers alongside the left and right mains provide the LFE monitoring.
You can find information about the bands recorded at live and mixed at the British Grove studio across our websites and youtube channel.

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