Emma Owens

Jar Live caught up with Emma after we sent her to Paris to play a show at Gibus and then to Los Angeles to perform at NAMM.

The NAMM is the world’s biggest industry meet in the world,  held yearly in Los Angeles.


“It was just unbelievable. Such a stylish situation, so many people, so many amazing artists… we just could not realize we were really there.

We felt so nervous. Only after two glasses of champagne on stage we began to feel a bit more relaxed… ”
Emma’s voice is subtle and rough, edgy and vulnerable at the same time. An outstanding, beautiful presence on stage. The two guitars support her voice wonderfully. Their songs are all catchy originals with enjoyable and recognizable melody, and they manage to create a unique chemistry between the band and the audience.

“It was incredible standing before such a large audience who had never heard about us and who anyway was singing and clapping at our music”. Here is the whole story. Thanks to being picked at a show in Paris in December, and with the support of our great sponsor Kaman, Emma Owens, Peter Koobs and Jay Schooz have flown to Los Angeles, California, to perform in the famous live show organised by ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE, the most important American magazine specialised in Acoustic Music. This is an eagerly awaited event that takes place during NAMM, the annual fair where the whole music industry meet in order to listen to the best music and discover the best talents, which took place in Anheim from January 15th to 18th. Emma and her band had the privilege to open the event on an outstanding stage. Before the best acoustic musicians in the world: Kaki King, David Jacobs and Strain, The Folksmen, Sandro Albert, Eric Johnson. “Eric Johnson is Peter’s idol, he thinks he is the most amazing guitarist in the world. When Peter came back from Eric’s performance, he was all upset, he kept repeating: Oh my god, oh my god…” I ask Emma if she had ever thought of playing in LA. “Hard to say, I absolutely did not expect it, we went to Paris just hoping to have a good time and to enjoy the experience. After a few minutes the show ended, someone turned around and said: Emma, you’ll go to Los Angeles”. Actually, nothing happens by chance.

Emma and her band have prepared their show very carefully. She wrote a lot of new songs with Peter, after she was asked to take part in the Acoustic Showcase by Jar Live. Moreover, Emma is keen to mention Allan Glass too, her lifelong co-writer. Now, after this amazing success, everything is changing, and lots of unexpected things are going to happen: “Me and Peter met three years ago in Hamburg, a year after Jay began playing with us. But we have never really felt like a band, everyone has his own projects and now is very busy. For the time being, I am trying to set up an electric band… I do not know exactly what is going to happen. But I feel more like a solo singer in the end. And lyrics come first, not music. ” That could not be different for a young woman who grew up with a singer in her family: “My father has a wonderful voice and is an amazing entertainer. He is from Liverpool, he loves all this old stuff like Beatles, Elton John, and I love them too, he used to sing their songs to me all the time, and I do the same with my little son. He goes so quiet! ” Emma’s delightful voice sticks in your head. Watch out for this young woman, she is definitely going somewhere.

Jar Live Press Office