Indigo Face Primo Maggio Italian Tour


Indigo Face are the UK act selected to perform at Primo Maggio Roma and Matera on 1st May 2018.

The London act was shortlisted from 100’s of acts which confirmed their slot at the 1M Europe UK’s nominees showcase held on the 22nd April.  The event was streamed across Europe to a music panel that consisted of booking agents, record label executives and radio and TV broadcaster.

Indigo Face perform at Primo Maggio streamed event from Cargo in London

As a result Indigo Face played two festivals on the 1st May one in the capital Rome to 90,000 people 

Indigo Face arrive at Primo Maggio Roma

 and the other in Matera (European City Of Culture 2019)  in the south of Italy 

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Their single “Can We Make It?” is an enchanting sensorama of electro funk-infused pop merged with Ibiza-like plucked synths and lyrics that give voice to the angst of our unsustainable lives. The song takes the listener on a voyage of discovery, exploring the state of our planet, but never failing to make you want to dance. Packed with jiving guitars, pulsating bass and sci-fi inspired synth work complementing the infectiously catchy vocal lines. This track  will have you grooving all night and most likely all day too.
Indigo Face’s last EP “At The Gate”  received critical acclaim from Music Week, Pop Matters, Music Times, and Amazing Radio- to name a few.