Presenting Bea Munro
Bea’s music is a distinctly modern take on classic rock that is R&B-laced and breathing new life into a forgotten musical form. The songs are a release of emotion filled with hope and anger, questions and revelations. Bea has an incredible and powerful voice, which strikingly communicates the drama and pleasure of each verse. The pursuit of creating music that brings people together and makes them think while having fun, is clearly the inspiration behind Bea’s captivating sound and lyrical content.
Treading the perfect line between the commercial and the underground, the result was a compelling and rather bombastic showcase of epic songwriting, on the point delivery and swirling riffs that made a huge impact onstage and will do the same on your stereo.
Based in London takes the young soul of Joplin, the influential rock sound of Zeppelin and the inspirational lyrical genius that is Joni Mitchell, throws them all in a melting pot and exhales her own unique sound; giving a contemporary spin on the classic 60s Woodstock vibe. Debut album produced by Grammy nominated Gred Wells set for release later this year. 
“A Truly Outstanding Talent” – Incessant Records/Universal Music

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