“Start A Fight”
8-UK Tour Date

The Ex Senators are a politically and socially charged Chicago band that are in love with Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg and Bruce Springsteen.

They have dumped the phoney fashion parade for an album of songs that deal with the modern politic with a passion and a wit that is startling in its brazen concern for the truth in a time of mainstream musical lies. Their debut UK single, ‘Start a Fight” is proof that mainstream rock can actually have a power and purpose.

The song, that comes with one of the videos of the year- an animated call-to-arms clip that doesn’t pull it’s punches and, like the band’s songs, hits all the right targets with its creative overload.

The 6-date UK tour, organized by Jar Live Tours, took the band from London to Edinburgh with stops along the way in Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester. Impressive, entertaining and down right outstanding.  The set was spot on and their interaction with the crowd was fun. 

With sold out crowds and a captivating set the band captured the audiences wherever they played. With excellent musicianship and light shows to match that of U2, the shows were sensational with a capital “S”.

Impassioned, powerful and intelligently informed songs that deal with these troubled times, Ex Senators are proof that music can be a bit more than the endless soft porn parade of the charts. The members of the band have packed CVs and are proud of being around the block, this a rare case of great players who have stepped back to deal with the raw wound of the times.

Jar Press Office