Another Year Of Successful event for both bands and fans alike!

 Jar’s “Upsurge” and “Ones To Watch” shows have, yet again, provided the perfect platform for bands to properly launch their career with a bang and register on the music industry’s radar.

Our in-house A&R’s and affiliated scouts have been busy driving up and down the M1 attending most events in the search for the next Oasis, Coldplay, Maroon5 or something new.

Not only have we given bands the opportunity of playing some amazing venues, normally restricted to international touring bands, but they’ve also met (Yes met!) with A&R’s and music executives from the world’s leading record labels, from whom they’ve received invaluable advice on how to move their careers forward.

We have to thank Warner, J records/Sony and in particular Jai Francios and Andrew whom have be champions of new music and dedicated their valuable time to turn-up to our shows and dispel the myth that A&R’s don’t talk to bands or attend live shows.
Countless bands have also become part of our Jar Live’s network offering support for international and UK artist touring the UK and festivals in Europe. In total more than 20 supports where offered in 2012 including some high profile one for Dappy, The Ex Senators, Taking Hayley, Little Comets, ORANGE, Early Morning Rebel, The Enemy, Benny Marchant and Electric Six.
These supports, have created another avenue where independent bands have been able to increase their media profile and fan base.
So, we end the year on a high with 200 band reviews completed, 5 bands signed, 3 licensing deals in place, 20 bands performing at our festivals in the UK and Asia and countless Artists been given the tools to achieve their music objectives.

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Moving into 2013 we are certain of improving on this years’ achievements. 2013 will see the return of The BreakOut Music Awards.

If you wish to book a show, launch an album/single or headline one of our popular events, then please contact one of our booking agents. It maybe the show that finally gives your music the recognition it deserves.

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Jar Music Press Office