Jar Live Will Gives Away 10 Free Holidays To The Maldives To It’s UK Fans
Jar  Live understands the importance of fans and the vital role they play in creating the buzz that ultimately results in a band getting that all important break. They are the integral part in creating the atmosphere that can transform an ordinary night into one that is unforgettable.
Fans are the final decision makers on whether a band will have a sustainable career in the music business or not.
Understanding this, we try at every opportunity to assist bands in retaining their core fans with new exciting events and help them increase it by rewarding music fans for their loyalty with great prizes and holiday packages.
In 2009, we took 4 music fans to the Maldives for what was an incredible “once in a lifetime” holiday and music festival.
We repeated this feat in 2012 by giving away a whopping 10 holiday packages to the Maldives, worth in excess of £15,000.
The Holiday includes flights to the Maldives, 5 days accommodation at Club Faru, VIP passes to the BreakOut Festival, and a further 2 day stay at the exclusive island of Filhahoi, famous for its coral reef, sunsets and the BreakOut festival after-party.
All fans had to do is provide comments on the bands they believed, deserved a place at our  Breakout Festival.
The winners were drawn at the 02 Academy islington and results were verified by independent adjudicators.
The lucky fans included Mr. Jonson & partner, Miss Newman & Partner, Miss Septon & Partner, Mr Hills, Mr Meccatti and Mr Maschella.
Words alone cannot express our deepest gratitude to all of the fans that attended our shows.
We will keep on adding value to our events and continue to excel in being the UK’s best music events, where fans continue to sample the best music, in the best environment and in the most prestigious venues.
Again, from all of us at Jar Live